3. Restore Transparent Elections

Secret Computer Programs now “count” the ballots in more than 99% of elections in the USA. Two standing Supreme Court decisions state that secret counts are illegal.

The people must demand computer-free, machine-free elections. We must restore hand-counted paper ballots in each precinct, counted, posted, and reported BEFORE the ballots leave public sight.

Restore Transparent Elections

Wake up, America!
Computerized elections, because they involve a secret count, are completely illegal because they are in violation of at least TWO standing US Supreme Court decisions.
The US Supreme Court has at least twice ruled that secretly counted elections of any kind are illegal.
In Reynolds vs. Sims (1964) and US vs. Mosley (1915), the Court ruled that our right to vote consists of two parts:
a) the right to cast a ballot;
b) the right to know that our vote was counted accurately.
In computerized elections (counted in secret by secret computer programs), we still have a right to cast our ballot, but we have no way of knowing if our votes are being counted accurately. Thus, all the Presidential Elections, all the US Senate races, 99% of the US Congressional races, and almost all local races that have been conducted since 1988 are illegal and technically not binding on the population. In a court of law, we would say that once the ballots are taken out of public sight before they are counted in the open, the chain of evidence has been broken.
As Communist tyrant Joseph Stalin aptly stated:
“Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the vote decide everything.”

And, yes, the Communist Party in Russia held paper ballot elections under Stalin – but the Communist Party exclusively “counted” the votes.

No American should have to be told twice that elections counted in secret are un-American.

But the problem runs so much deeper than a few private companies wanting to get hired by as many local counties as possible to process the elections.

Here is a slightly over-simplified summary of the situation. What situation? The “situation” of the conscious, sinister Computer Vote-Fraud Crime Syndicate; the one that is “counting” all of our key elections in secret!

The following four groups are perpetrating a vote fraud conspiracy upon America.

1.    ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP wire service

This is the “Big Media” combine, which helps run the Computer Vote-fraud Crime Syndicate, and which prevents the population as a whole from realizing what’s happening on each election night. (The New York Times wire service, the Washington Post wire service, and Reuters are in on the conspiracy of silence. All other Big Daily newspapers in the USA take their national and international news from these big wire services. If a reporter at a big daily, or a local TV affiliate of one of the major networks, learns about some of this blockbuster information, and starts reporting it, he will be given a choice: accept other reporting assignments, or, get transferred to the sports department, or, get fired.)

2.    National Election Pool

What’s National Election Pool (NEP)? That’s a corporation in New York City. And who owns this corporation? Why, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and AP wire. This is the company that does all of the “exit polls” on Election Day and controls the count that is published on election night via the national networks, their local affiliates, and which is then picked up by the Big Daily papers. While the New York Times wire service and the Washington Post wire service are not owners of NEP, they have fully participated in the cover-up for decades. That’s why 99% of you reading this have never heard of NEP. You can read the Wikipedia entry on NEP here:


National Election Pool had been called “Voter News Service (VNS)” before 2003, when its name was changed to National Election Pool because the stench was getting too great after the 2000 “election.” This is a periodic tactic of the Ruling Elite behind the Computer Vote-fraud Crime Syndicate; change the name of the offending company, while leaving everything else the same and continuing with the same anti-American treasonous “election” program.

3.    Diebold, Election Systems & Software (ES & S), Sequoia, and Hart InterCivic

These are the mega-corporations that have been hired by the vast majority of counties in the USA. Hamilton County, Ohio, for instance, is hiring Hart InterCivic in the year of 2012; Butler County, just north of Hamilton County in Ohio, is hiring ES & S to process the county election in secret. These companies are completely out of reach of any oversight by the voters and the public. It is this aspect that caused us to say that this explanation is slightly over-simplified. These companies are always buying and selling each other, and using smaller front companies in some areas. When Diebold’s CEO made an incautious statement about helping W. Bush get elected in 2004, a small company called Triad popped up in Ohio to take over some of the counties. In 2010 to 2012, there were shenanigans going on about ES &S buying Diebold, and so on.

Recently, in Cincinnati, Ohio at a Tea Party meeting, Secretary of State John Husted acknowledged that, based on the contracts the state and counties of Ohio sign with the elite, private vendors, no state official or county official is allowed to see the source code of the computer programs which are used to “count” our votes on election night.

You can see the YouTube Video of this here:

(Coming soon)

4.    THE RNC and the DNC

The Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee encourage all of their local county operatives to delegate the local county elections to the elite private corporations, which use secret computer source code and process the elections in secret.

The RNC and the DNC effectively participate in the conspiracy of silence against the American people regarding this theft of the 2nd part of our right to vote, by pretending everything is A-OK. The RNC and DNC have been key players in engineering the current, unacceptable election travesty from the beginning, back in the early 1970s. (The Republicans and/or Democrats control every county Board of Elections in the USA.)

Presidential Elections “counted” in secret on secretly programmed computers since 1988 have brought us: 3 terms of Bushes; 2 terms of Clintons; and 2 terms of Obama.

We must restore honest, verifiable elections, by returning to paper ballots in every precinct of every county, every election. The ballots must be counted at each precinct in full public view and posted for all to see, before the ballots leave the precincts. This is the only way to ensure that our votes are counted accurately.

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Please use this web page and the videos, articles and other information here to educate family, friends, neighbors,
AND ESPECIALLY your fellow citizens who work at your County Board of Elections / Registrar of Voters,
and Secretary of State offices.
It’s easy to do. Burn DVDs or CDs, make some fliers, write letters, make phone calls, use social media, email and/or snail mail. Talk to people and share this vitally important information with them.







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