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Democratic and Republican Party leaders control virtually every county in the USA and are working against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We encourage Liberty fighters to get involved as Precinct Captains/Chairs in their county, in the party of their choice, or as independents. The precinct captains elect county party leaders who endorse the candidates. Change the party leaders, change the lawmakers, and restore the Constitution.

This is how we can take back the nation for Liberty, precinct by precinct, county by county, and state by state.

Our Precinct Takeover Social Network is organized with over 20,000 groups from the National, State, and County levels throughout the United States to all of the county political parties, if you decide to choose one.

You can also join other clubs and groups and/or make your own! We have started off with a few liberty groups outside of the Precinct Takeover to help get us started, such as the Constitution and Second Amendment Clubs, a Prepper Club and In-Depth Preparedness course along with a HAM Radio Club, but again, feel free to make your own groups and clubs.

Unlike other well-funded “Liberty” organizations, this grassroots network wants to facilitate open communication among ALL members, so we can get organized and take real, meaningful action; the members ARE in essence the network itself!

Passing around real news is a start, not a plan. Let’s constitutionally takeover the criminals in DC.



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