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Guardians for Libery Logo 200 x 200 NEW 1The Guardians for Liberty came together out of the Watch the Vote 2012 effort to get a fair and honest count for Ron Paul and everybody else in the Iowa Caucus of January 3, 2012. Because the Iowa Caucus was conducted in the open at about 1700 separate local caucuses, it was possible to observe what was happening at each local caucus.

The Iowa GOP claimed on January 3, 2012 that Mitt Romney won the Presidential Caucus by 8 votes.

It so happened that one man, a 28 year old handy man, Edward True, noticed that the Iowa GOP had credited Mitt Romney with 20 extra votes at Edward True’s local caucus, which votes Edward True had counted himself in public with other appointed counters.

Edward True went on CNN’s website and was asking for help to expose this. Some referred Watch the Vote 2012 team members Mike Smith of Texas and Judy Spady of Colorado to Edward True’s posts. They contacted him, preserved the screen shots of what the Iowa GOP had posted, and put him in touch with Jim Condit Jr. of Ohio. Condit Jr. and his Father, an 81 year old lawyer, composed an affidavit of Edward True’s testimony.

This affidavit went public on the Watch The Vote 2012 website. John Avlon of the DailyBeast.com picked it up and wrote an article. Then, Erin Burnett of CNN’s new program “Out Front” picked up the story and had both Avlon and Edward True on as guests.

Watch the VoteWithin days, the Iowa GOP, after initial efforts to combat the Edward True testimony, conceded and changed the winner on January 17, 2012 to Rick Santorum rather than Mitt Romney. The teaming up of Edward True with the Watch The Vote 2012 team had resulted in a first in American history as far as we know:  a major Party Presidential caucus changing the winner from one candidate to another, after the Caucus night was over.

This demonstrated one of the key principles that Guardians for Liberty has incorporated: the necessity of transparent elections, so that the eye-witness testimony of even one person can make a difference. During the rest of the 2012 Presidential Caucus and Primary season, the Watch The Vote leadership teamed up with other prominent activists, such as Kelly Mordecai, author of “The Hidden Fourth Branch”, which explains the vital importance of the Grand Jury in a free nation.

After months of work, many activists came together to form the Guardians for Liberty and adopted a comprehensive plan for Total Victory in the USA, for the forces of Liberty devoted to the true freedoms of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The action plan is now published in 7 principles, and the Guardians for Liberty are seeking state and county coordinators to implement that Plan. We are a unified group of liberty minded people that have developed a solutions oriented approach for guarding liberty. The solutions developed will revive the greatness of the Constitution.

As stated above, we came together during the Republican Primaries in an organization known as WatchTheVote2012. Realizing that watching the vote was only part of the solution, we formed Guardians for Liberty, where a comprehensive program to preserve true Liberty through the Bill of Rights and the Constitution in our country is presented.


Friends of Liberty radio interview with Jim Condit Jr.

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