Our Purpose

Guardians for Libery Logo 200 x 200 NEW 1The Purpose of Guardians For Liberty is to help facilitate networking with other similarly minded freedom lovers without partiality to Party or non-Party affiliation to the end we can organize, neighborhood by neighborhood, County by County, State by State to take action needed to make ourselves heard and heeded.

Each of our 7 Restoration Action Principles has a section in our site devoted to it for information, discussion, & organization. These can and should be expanded upon with contributions by you, our members and team.

You personally or as a group may have a particular ‘special interest’ such as working to prevent further encroachment of Agenda 21. Others of you may have a specialty and passion for Restoring the 2nd Amendment including the right to bear arms. Yet still some of you may be more suited to tackle getting rid of all computerized elections or abolishing the Federal Reserve or the IRS.

There are many facets & tentacles to this ‘octopus’ of an enemy we face. Our 7 Restoration Action Principles are not meant to be a comprehensive listing of every problem we face, but rather a summary list of the most urgent categories under which all others will fit.