Chris Matthews livid after Netanyahu’s speech

Chris Matthews livid after Netanyahu’s speech: GOP assisted a ‘takeover attempt’ by a foreign government – by RAWSTORY

MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Tuesday blasted Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives for assisting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an attempt to “take over” U.S. foreign policy from President Barack Obama.

“I’ll get to the heart of this speech now,” Matthews told MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts. “This man from a foreign government walked into the United States legislative chamber and tried to take over U.S. foreign policy. He said, ‘You should trust me, not your president on this. I am the man you should trust, I am your true leader on this question of U.S. geopolitics. To protect yourself, you must listen to me and not this president.’”

“It was a startling situation,” he continued. “To allow someone to come in — knowing that was going to be their message — to the U.S. Congress. This was a decision made by Boehner and certainly complied with by Netanyahu and his ambassador [Ron Dermer]. They went into the U.S. Congress to take over U.S. foreign policy from the president.”

“Think it through, what country in the world would let a foreign leader come in and attempt to wrest from the president control of the U.S. foreign policy?” Matthews asked.

“This was a takeover attempt by Netanyahu with this complying America partners to take American foreign policy out of the hands of the president.”

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