Constitutional Sheriffs/Peace Officers


Sheriffs, and all law enforcement personnel, across the nation!

Here is a great way to arm yourselves with the essential knowledge necessary to carry out the duties of your Oath to the Constitution.

Please encourage other Sheriffs, Deputies, Police Chiefs, and Police Officers across the nation to get involved and register to help take back our Republic!

“CSPOA assembles Sheriffs, Peace Officers and Citizens who understand the grave implications of our eroding Constitutional protections. Whether it’s an illegal checkpoint violating the 4th Amendment, 2nd Amendment intrusions affecting your defense of your home or family, or ANY other infringement of your freedom, CSPOA is on the front line defending your rights and Liberty.”

CSPOA Convention

for all sheriffs, peace officers and those holding a public office.
Dates TBD

For more information, contact CSPOA.

St. Charles Convention 2013 Highlights