5. Defeat the Police State


According to such sources as the Denver Post, Washington Post, and Forbes, The Department of Homeland Security has bought 1.5 Billion rounds of ammunition, 2700+ armored tanks to patrol the streets of the USA, and is building 30,000 killer-spy drones to fly over our nation. Other incursions against our freedoms are exemplified by the NDAA, the so-called Patriot Act, Agenda 21, SOPA/CISPA, etc.

We must defeat this encroaching Police State by defending the true freedoms of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Defeat the Police State by Defending the Bill of Rights   

This principle covers many, many vital issues. The “war on terror” is being used as an excuse to try and convince Americans that they must give up their freedoms under the Bill of Rights. The provision of the NDAA-2012 (National Defense Authorization Act) which authorizes arrest and detention of American citizens without charges, without a warrant, without habeas corpus (meaning a citizen can be hidden indefinitely from his or her family and from public view), without the right to a lawyer, and without the right to a reasonably speedy trial — is one of the most egregious police state measures “passed” yet in the USA. In fact, this can never be a real law, for it directly conflicts with the Bill Of Rights, especially the 4th Amendment.

Black’s Law Dictionary, as well as all other legitimate legal sources, tell us that any statute which conflicts with the Constitution is not a law at all, but only has “the color of law.” But when most of “our” Congress has voted for such objective treason — “Who will guard the guards?” — as the Roman poet Juvenal asked circa 160 AD?
The Guardians for Liberty — in alliance and cooperation with the thousands of other good groups and millions of concerned citizens — must guard the guards.
Note Well: The Guardians for Liberty do not want to duplicate efforts. We believe that we need to inject into the “patriot thought stream” the simple truths about the precinct strategy, revitalizing the first clause of the 2nd Amendment, and restoring an open, honest vote count – as three NECESSARY elements in any victory strategy. These strategies and principles seem to be largely unknown, or unappreciated for their vital significance, by millions who are fighting the good fight for Liberty. Keep doing the good things you are doing, but add into your “recipe” three action items: implementing the Precinct Strategy, revitalizing the first clause of the 2nd Amendment, and restoring transparent elections.
With regard to fighting the encroaching police state — there are already many, many groups dealing with these issues, and we will primarily seek to partner with such groups, and point citizens to them. We are NOT seeking to duplicate efforts.
This section will be expanded regularly to include groups we are partnering with, as well as intelligent videos, audios, articles and books which have already been written regarding the fight against the encroaching police state and the efforts to preserve the Bill of Rights. 
One concept that is not well known in the fight for individual liberty, which Guardians for Liberty will try to make widely known, is the proper use of the Grand Jury. “The Hidden 4th Branch: A Corrupt Government’s Worst Nightmare”, by Kelly Z. Mordecai, deals with the proper citizen use of the Grand Jury.
More info can be found here:
by Kelly Z. Mordecai

hidden 4th


Other Books:

Liberty Defined

by Ron Paul

liberty defined

Three Rights
by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.


The Law
by Frederic Bastiat

(Free PDF: mises.org/books/thelaw.pdf)
by Brion McClanahan

The Founding Fathers Guide

freedom under

Oath Keepers
We highly recommend ordering (or downloading and printing) Oath Keepers push cards & brochures and handing them out to Police Officers & Police Chiefs, County Sheriffs & Sheriff’s Deputies, Military Personnel & Veterans, Firefighters, Public Office Holders, and others.
They can be ordered here:
OR downloaded here:


Judge Andrew Napolitano’s final
“The Plain Truth” segment,
on the final airing of “Freedom Watch”, February 13, 2012:


End Corruption. Defend the Republic.



Defend NOT Amend

Enforcement, Not Amendment, is the Answer

The Intolerable Acts ACTION CENTER

People Against The NDAA

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

County Sheriff Project

The Constitutionalists’ Networking Center

Enforce Our Constitution

Tenth Amendment Center

Liberty Classroom

Libertas Institute

Fully Informed Jury Association
Make sure you scroll down their home page and see the “Juror’s Guide”.

JAIL 4 Judges

Judge Andrew Napolitano



Sheriff Mack on Police Brutality –
Last Line of Defense Trailer

Oath Keepers Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey:

Ron Paul Warns Against Arming Federal Bureaucrats
Speech on House Floor, Sept. 17, 1997
text of speech:

The Hidden 4th Branch:

“The Constitution For Dummies
by Judge Andrew Napolitano:

Ben Swann #LibertyIsRising:

Who Decides Constitutionality?
Mike Maharrey Testifies Before the TN Senate Judiciary Committee:

Nullification: The Rightful Remedy Trailer:

9th and 10th Amendments – Nullification Trailer:

“What Ever Happened to the Constitution?”
by Judge Andrew Napolitano:

Unconstitutional – The War on Our Civil Liberties

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“The USA FREEDOM Act has about as much to do with freedom as the PATRIOT Act had to do with patriotism.” -Ron Paul,

‘USA FREEDOM Act: Just Another Word for Lost Liberty’


patriot act

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor;
it must be demanded by the oppressed.”
~Martin Luther King Jr.